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A “blog” is a regularly updated web page that’s written conversationally to share information and thought-leadership type content. And I say blogging is good for your business as an online service provider.

But first things first.

Blogging is not dead.

Many of the big online names are now saying blogging is dead.

I disagree. Because content is king. And if you aren’t creating content, you are doing your business a HUGE disservice.

I’m not talking about blogging as a business here, I’m talking about blogging ABOUT your business, your niche, your zone of genius.

Service providers can work without a website. I’ve done it! And I think every service provider should start there – you’ve got to fine tune your craft and build relationships to build your business. Period.

But while I think that’s an important place to start, having an online presence can help your business if you’re sharing your content, aka blogging.

blogging is good for your business 

Blogging can help your business.

Blogging can be helpful in building your brand because it builds your authority. When you provide quality content that allows your potential clients to have a peek inside your expertise and approach, they become more confident in their purchasing decision. Plain and simple, as an online service provider blogging increases your know-like-trust factor.

And an added benefit is that blogs can be the road-map for your live videos, YouTube videos, social media posts, email marketing campaigns, in person speaking engagements, etc. etc. – which streamlines your entire marketing strategy. Which is why I say blogging is good for your business!

At the end of the day, what matters is that you create QUALITY content. And that you do so consistently. When you can do that, you have a higher chance of getting found online.

Use your blog content to get found online.

When you work on search engine optimization (or SEO) for your blog, you can increase your “searchability” and your reach. SEO basically means optimizing your website so that it comes up in the results when people search for something on Google (or other search engines, but – let’s face it – we all refer to “Googling” for a reason).

When your SEO is in place, Google will find and index your blog easier – which means traffic will be coming to you! Grab a guide to learn 4 simple steps to get your website on the first page of Google. When you rank highly in a Google search, your brand is positioned as a leader in your niche in front of your target audience – people searching specifically for your services!

But SEO is only one piece of the marketing puzzle (albeit an important piece). There are other ways to get your blog content out into the world (and in front of the eyes of potential customers and referral sources).

Share your blog content. And then share it again.

Great ways to share your blog content and drive more traffic to your website include:

Email Marketing 

Share your blog posts with your email list. Seriously. The people on your email list are already in your corner. Continuing to share your expertise could transform warm leads to paying clients!

There are some rules you need to follow to make sure your email marketing is legal – and so that you don’t get hit with fines! Yeah, that can happen. With all of the recent changes in data privacy laws, I highly recommend that you do your research.

If you have no clue where to start, don’t worry! You can grab my free guide (complete with checklist) to find out – Is Your Email Marketing Legal?

Guest blog posts

You can draft guest blog posts for other businesses and brands to expand your audience. Not only will you be sharing your “know how” with an expanded audience, but you have the extra benefit of receiving a back-link to your website. Back-links are when another website links to one of your web pages, which tells Google that you’re an authoritative source. Hello improved SEO! Make sure that you’re creating guest blog posts for other companies and brands that share your ideal client.

You can also post guest blogs from others on your website if they add value for your audience. Any guest bloggers should sign a release to ensure that you have intellectual property permissions to do so. Snag a Guest Blog Post Release Template here.


Make sure that you have share icons on your blog so that your readers can easily share your content to social media channels, especially Pinterest.

Pinterest is similar to Google in that it’s a search engine – people search on Pinterest for everything from everyday inspiration to business advice. Which means it’s a great place to share your blog content!

And if you’re needing to up your Pinterest game, Pin Potential is a great place to start. (I am a Pin Potential affiliate so if you use this link and decide to purchase the membership, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.) The membership will teach you how to use Pinterest to its fullest potential AND the best ways to leverage content marketing for growth of your brand and business. Through Pin Potential you get access to Pinterest trainings PLUS master classes with leading industry experts, monthly coaching calls, an exclusive Facebook group, and an exclusive Tailwind Tribe. The community alone is worth its weight in gold!

Facebook Pages and Groups

You can also share your blog posts to your Facebook business page and in Facebook groups. Be sure to read the rules for any Facebook groups that you’re a member of (that aren’t yours) to make sure link sharing is allowed. If you have a blog post about a question someone asks, share the link or ask if you can message it to them (if it’s within the group’s guidelines, of course).

At the end of the day, blogging is only a slice of the marketing pie for online service providers. But blogging IS good for your business.

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