You’re 15 minutes early to meet a friend for lunch, and you need something to do while you wait. 

What do you do? 

  1. Nothing – silence is golden.
  2. Something productive (like respond to emails).
  3. Open your favorite social media app and start scrolling.

If you’re like most of us, when you’ve got a few spare moments in the day, you probably chose option C – scroll through a handful of videos on TikTok. 

(Or maybe check out a few reels on Instagram.) 

Those endlessly entertaining bite-sized videos suck up a lot of time that often goes unnoticed. 

And they don’t really give us much in return. 

Sure, it’s important to take mental breaks throughout the day, and social media is a great way to, well, stay social. But let’s face it… 

Most of us are pretty mindless with it. 

We’re usually not out here using social media with intention, and that’s just one of the ways that we’re wasting some seriously precious micro-moments that could be used for business growth instead.

What are micro-moments?

Micro-moments started as a bit of a trend that’s actually gaining traction as a concept for good reason. 

Micro-moments are small pockets of time you can use for a quick burst of activity at any point throughout your day. 

(I’ve also heard this concept being referred to as “Time Confetti,” as well. Which is a pretty fun way to describe it!) 

These micro-moments consist of tiny actions that can help you move the needle forward on your goals. 

And here’s why I love this concept so much for business growth: 

Because the idea that we need to go BIG to scale up fails to take into account that… 

We’re human. 

And humans burn out quickly if the expectation is to only move ahead in leaps and bounds. 

Micro-moments are a much more sustainable way to achieve business growth and protect your mental health.

How you can use micro-moments for business growth

How you use micro-moments will require some personal assessment. 

It depends on your business, and what you can realistically get done in the small pockets of time you have available in your day. 

The only thing you really need to keep in mind is to take targeted action. 

Here are a few examples of how you can incorporate targeted micro-moments for business growth in your day: 

-Use the first few minutes after you wake up to set your 1 big goal for the day

-Make that important 5-minute call you’ve been putting off while you’re sitting in traffic

-Set a timer for 20 minutes to intentionally engage on social media with your ideal audience

-Spend 15 minutes sending out email requests for coffee chats or following up with previous connections 

-Pull out your phone while you’re in line at the grocery store to brainstorm and record 3 new content ideas for your marketing 

I bet you could add another 10-20 ideas to this list in a matter of minutes (hey – there’s another targeted use of a micro-moment for you) if you sit and think about when you have spare, “unused” time during your day.

Other ways you can use micro-moments

Not all business growth is actually tied to business.  

Sometimes we grow the most when we’re focusing on ourselves and working on our personal development. 

Here are a few ways you can use micro-moments for personal growth: 

-Take 5 minutes to meditate before a sales call

-Spend 10 minutes before bed on a little self-reflection journaling

-Listen to a podcast or audiobook while you drive to school pickup

-Take 60 seconds to appreciate something that brings you joy, like a hot cup of coffee

-Get moving for 20 minutes – walk, stretch, do a micro-workout (i.e. 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 push-ups, etc.)

-Read a book in your favorite genre while you wait in the doctor’s office (versus doing the social media scroll)

-Learn a new skill in 10-minute sprints – for instance, you could use DuoLingo to learn a new language 

And again, I know you can add to this list and tweak the examples to fit your lifestyle.

The benefits of micro-moments

The idea behind micro-moments isn’t to “fill time” or make yourself even busier than you already are. 

It’s to use the time you have available to make a difference in your goals and growth. 

Versus idly allowing the time to pass or wasting it on things that actually make you feel less in control of your business and life. 

By using micro-moments for business – or personal –  growth, you’ll increase your productivity and feel more organized, which might also lead to:  

-Improved mental health

-Feeling more energized

-Better management of stress and overwhelm

-More effective use of your time and better planning skills

If you start filling your micro-moments with targeted actions for growth, you’ll be well on your way to creating so much value from an otherwise insignificant piece of your day. 

Cheering you on!


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