You got everything you wanted when you set out to work for yourself: 

Freedom, flexibility, and, hopefully, a career you love. 

But even if you’ve never been happier or can’t imagine going back to work at your stuffy corporate job… 

Entrepreneurship can be downright LONELY. 

Your family and friends could be the best support system in the world, and they still wouldn’t quite understand the ups and downs you face daily.  

That’s where mentorship comes in.

How you (and your business) can benefit from a mentor 

The importance of a mentor in your business can’t be overstated – having someone you trust in your corner to help you build, grow, and scale is invaluable. 

Besides the obvious of having someone who gets it to lean on… 

A business mentor is essential in countless different ways: 

Guidance and Advice 

Usually, your mentor will be a few (or many) years ahead of you in terms of their business know-how.  

That means they can provide you with valuable insights and advice to help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and avoid common business pitfalls. 

Networking Opportunities 

Mentors often have an extensive network of contacts.  

They might introduce you to future clients, but beyond that, they can also bring potential partners, investors, and other valuable connections into your orbit that help your business grow. 

Skill Development 

An objective mentor can help you pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement. 

They often have access to a world of resources, training materials, and tools and can guide you to the ones you need to develop your new skills. 

Increased Confidence 

Knowing that you have an experienced mentor to support you can boost your confidence as a business owner.  

And this confidence will likely show up in interactions with your clients – which goes a long way in making sure you’re not giving off those “desperate to make a sale” vibes. 

Fresh Perspectives 

When you’re too close to things (as most of us are with our businesses), you can almost feel your creativity and objectivity quietly dying. 

Mentors bring an outside perspective to your business, offering new ideas, innovative solutions, and alternative viewpoints you couldn’t see for yourself. 

Personal Growth

As an entrepreneur, almost nothing is exclusively about business. Mentorship is no different. 

It can also contribute to your personal growth. Learning from someone’s life experiences, work ethic, and values can impact your own character and approach to business. 

And associating with a respected mentor might even enhance your business’s credibility and reputation.

Where to find a good mentor 

A strong mentorship could lead to a valuable, lasting relationship. But first, you have to find the right mentor. 

You can do that in a few ways: 

  1. Networking communities or referrals

Finding a good mentor isn’t always easy, but it can definitely help if you’ve built a relationship with someone first.  

Networking communities are a supportive environment to make this happen. 

Or you could ask someone you already have a relationship with to introduce you to someone they know in the industry or niche you’d like to be mentored in. 

  1. Online platforms

Let’s not underestimate the value of relationships you form through platforms like LinkedIn. (Many of my favorite business partners showed up in my life as a direct result of being active online.) 

If you’re already comfortable DMing or you’ve met for a coffee chat with someone you wish was your mentor, they’ll likely feel a lot warmer to the idea than if you reached out to someone cold. 

  1. Group memberships or business accelerators 

There are plenty of programs with networks of mentors who will work with entrepreneurs in various stages of business development. 

Many of these options are free but don’t discount the idea of paid mentorship, either. 

Being a mentor is a huge commitment of time and energy, so definitely keep that in mind when you approach someone. 

Be respectful of their time and – if they don’t want to be paid – offer thanks in other ways to show how much you appreciate them.

Every entrepreneur can use a good mentor

Finding a mentor you can rely on and trust isn’t always easy, but it’s almost always worth it. 

Pay attention to the people whose advice “feels right,” and approach networking events, your online relationships, and even past professional relationships with openness and respect. 

You never know when the right mentorship opportunity might pop up. 

And you’ll be a lot more supported – and a lot less lonely – when it does. 

Cheering you on!

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