Guest Blog Post by Lynda Lippin

Up until 2020, a lot of people believed that you could not have a successful business in the online space. It was a concept that was relatively new for many. But with COVID came pivots and new opportunities for businesses of all sorts to move into the online space. 

The Big Shift.

Before COVID, traditional ways of doing business were what seemed to be preferred. You get up, go to the office, do business, and come home. As the entire economy shifted online due to COVID, a new way of thinking became more widely accepted.

People got a taste of what us online entrepreneurs already knew about.  They learned how amazing it is to have the freedom to create their own schedules and live lives that make them happy.  As a result, people are leaving their jobs at a record pace to set up shop and live the entrepreneurial dream (AKA The Great Resignation).

Lynda Lippin, founder of Lynda Lippin Pilates LLC and Pilates Teacher Mastermind, got a jump on this phenomenon back in 2013 when she started to teach Pilates online. When she started to advertise that she taught online private classes via Zoom meetings, so many Pilates Teachers slammed her. They said things like:

“It can’t be done!”

“What about the apparatus?”

“You can’t touch them, so how can you effectively cue?”

“Pilates CANNOT be taught online!”

It was interesting, because most of her online clients were, in fact, Pilates Teachers who didn’t live in NYC and really wanted regular sessions with a seasoned Master Teacher. Now, it seems like everyone has embraced teaching online during COVID isolation. Here are some things to consider when bringing your business online.

1. You can reach more clients. 

As a fitness professional in a physical studio location, you are limited to a local customer base. If people cannot walk, drive, or take other transportation to get to you, they will see someone else.

If you move your business online, you can work with clients from anywhere in the world!  The same is true for any business in the online space.  You can reach people from all over the world, opening you up to a more diverse customer base and many more opportunities.

2. You can work from anywhere. 

If you want to travel, or adopt a more nomadic lifestyle, you can! If you want to move to a less expensive area, you can! As long as you have access to Wi-Fi or a digital data plan (you can Zoom on your phone), you can work from anywhere.  This is the glorious thing about the laptop lifestyle.  It gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you’d like and create the life and business of your dreams.

3. Very little to no overhead cost.

As a fitness professional, when you teach online there is very little to no overhead. You do not have to rent a studio space to teach your classes. You can teach from wherever you happen to be. You can charge the same amount, but not have to pay extra rent or utilities. It’s a win!  

The same is true for any online business. You don’t have to rent an office space to do business if you don’t want to. Therefore, your overhead cost is much less than standard brick-and-mortar businesses – leaving more room for profit.

4. Clients want to stay online. 

Your clients don’t have to spend time traveling to and from your business to work with you. They can work with you from the comfort of their own home, and even when they are traveling.

This creates an ease of use in your business. When it’s easy to work with you, it’s easy to continue doing business with you. Plain and simple.

Is there a downside to taking your business online?

Even if you own a brick-and-mortar business, there really is no downside to maintaining an online business, and continuing to serve those clients. You can literally have the best of both worlds, or create a business that is solely online. The sky’s the limit.

But keep in mind . . .

While creating an online business is amazing, you also have to make sure it’s legit.

While it’s amazing that so many people are now chasing their entrepreneurial dreams, it goes without saying that there are certain steps that you NEED to take in order to make sure your dream is legally protected. If you’ve recently shifted your business to the online space, or are thinking about doing so, you need to check out my Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business mini course.

This mini course is designed to help ensure you’re protecting your business, income, and boundaries!

Here’s a scary fact – about 20% of businesses FAIL in their first year. Crazy right?! But that’s why I created Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™, your new go-to starter guide to protect your business and avoid costly legal mistakes. I wanted to make the legal side of business affordable and easy to understand – because it’s crucial to your business’ survival.

You don’t need a law degree to dive into this program (I got that degree for both of us). You just need a notebook, your favorite drink, and a few hours to nail your online business, legally. Let’s take your business online and make it legit.


About Lynda:

For over 30 years, Lynda Lippin’s clients (including Donna Karan, Laurie Anderson, and Joe Walsh) have trusted her to help them get stronger and function better, with less pain. In fact, former Financial Times travel editor Rahul Jacob says that Lynda is the best Pilates teacher and personal trainer he’s ever worked with.

She’s owned award-winning 6 and 7 figure Pilates studios, taught overseas at an A-list private island resort, and has trained hundreds of Pilates teachers.

And she’s also a Reiki Master and certified MindMAP Success & Mindset Coach.

Currently, Lynda owns Lynda Lippin Pilates, LLC, where she helps women over 50 with osteoporosis increase their bone density, and eliminate chronic pain through her online Strong Bones program and online private sessions. She also serves Pilates Teachers through the Pilates Teacher Mastermind®, a one-year business accelerator and continuing education program.

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