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My core business value is uncomplicating legal for online business owners through free education and information and affordable resources.

As a mama and attorney, I also love to chat about the elusive concept of work-life balance. There’s no such thing as a perfect balance BUT women can have both a career they love and a family.

If you would like to discuss a guest blog post, podcast appearance, masterclass, or speaking opportunity (or to request a copy of my Media Kit), please email:

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My previous podcast appearances include:

Amplify Your Success,

Episode 201

Collab with Kiva,

Episode Air Date: 11-18-2021

How to protect your business

IGNITE Her Mind,

Episode Air Date: 3-23-2023

intuitive light podcast

Intuitive Light Podcast with Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Episode Air Date: 6-3-2020

get your business in order

The Discovery Call Podcast

Episode Air Date: 6-26-2023

protecting your online business

The Janelle Show

Episode 82

intuitive light podcast


Episode 33

Empowered Woman Podcast (formerly Mom Does It All Podcast) with Marta Spirk,

Episode 64

Moms Making Money Show with Amie Pederson,

Episode Air Date: 8-12-2019

ProjectME the Podcast with Tiffany Carter,

Episode 127

She's Doing Big Things podcast episode 45

She’s Doing Big Things,

Episode 45

The Brittney Rossie Show,

Episode Air Date: 5-9-2019

The Lucy Liu Show,

Episode 90

the importance of privacy and terms of service for solopreneurs

The Mister Productivity Podcast

Episode Air Date: 4-17-2023

The Self-Taught Designer Podcast

The Self-Taught Designer Podcast

Episode Air Date: 11-21-2023

The Power in Purpose Episode 132

The Power in Purpose,

Episode 132

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