Media and Collaboration Opportunities

 My core business value is uncomplicating legal for small online business owners through free education and information, affordable templates, and flat fee legal services.

As a mama and attorney, I also love to chat about the elusive concept of work-life balance. There’s no such thing as a perfect balance BUT women can have both a career they love and a family.

If you would like to chat about a guest blog post, podcast appearance, guest masterclass, or speaking opportunity, please email:

Or, to learn more about my law practice, head to:

My previous podcast appearances include:

Amplify Your Success,

Episode 201

Collab with Kiva,

Episode Air Date: 11-18-2021

Corporate School Dropout Podcast with Lauren Allen,

Episode 007

intuitive light podcast

Intuitive Light Podcast with Jacquelyn Rodriguez

Episode Air Date: 6-3-2020

intuitive light podcast


Episode 33

Empowered Woman Podcast (formerly Mom Does It All Podcast) with Marta Spirk,

Episode 64

Moms Making Money Show with Amie Pederson,

Episode Air Date: 8-12-2019

ProjectME the Podcast with Tiffany Carter,

Episode 127

She's Doing Big Things podcast episode 45

She’s Doing Big Things,

Episode 45

The Brittney Rossie Show,

Episode Air Date: 5-9-2019

The Lucy Liu Show,

Episode 90

The Uplevel Your Biz Podcast

with Jenny Suneson and Lindsey Aleson,

Episode 72

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