Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™

Protect your business and avoid costly mistakes.

Many online business owners who are just starting a business jump head first into branding, website design and marketing – but there’s a big problem.

The Big Problem

If you don’t handle the legal stuff first – you could be doing all that work for nothing!

Cue the scary statistic here:

About 20% of businesses FAIL in their first year because they didn’t legalize and protect their business.

Now I get it, you aren’t raking in the dough yet, and you don’t have the funds to hire a lawyer for thousands of dollars.

That’s why I created Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business, your new go-to starter guide to protect your business and avoid costly legal mistakes. This program is your first step to make your online business LEGIT.

I wanted to make the legal side of business affordable and easy to understand. You don’t need a law degree to dive into this program (I got that degree for both of us). You just need a notebook, your favorite drink, and a few hours to nail your online business, legally.

Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™

Your business basics guide to making your online business legit.

And here’s the best part.

You can learn about making your business legit for only $79 (which saves you the $350/hour fee a lawyer will charge).  

What’s the deets, sweets?

Now that I got your attention with that easy to digest price, let’s talk about what is included!

This isn’t a three-year law degree course.

Instead, this is your business basics guide to making your online business legit.

Why Legal is so Important for Your Online Business

Let’s face it, a lot of new business owners don’t focus on the legal side of entrepreneurship and it’s important to understand WHY it’s so important. So, I designed module one to break down the importance of understanding the legal side of your business.

Business Structure Fundamentals

Are you scouring google search and Facebook groups to figure out if you should form an LLC or sole proprietorship? Or maybe you want to make things official and start your corporation. Whatever choice you might be considering, this module gives you the confidence and the knowledge you need to make the best choice for forming your business.

What is a business contract and why do you need one?

Think of this as your contract basics overview where I give you the deets on what contracts are and why they are SO important for your business.

Basic Contracts to Protect your Online Business

There are way too many contract options out there and it can be hard to navigate which one fits perfectly for YOUR business. In this module we cover the types of contracts you might need, so you can get paid and protect yourself.

Plus, there’s Bonuses!!

Bonus 1

An Intro to GDPR

Let’s face it, when’s the last time you worried about data privacy or breaches? GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation might sound a little boring, but it’s VERY important.

Bonus 2

Discounted Templates

Take your business to the next level and apply your newfound knowledge with these ready to roll templates. With this bonus, you’ll have access to an exclusive code for 15% OFF my legal template bundles!

Bonus 3

Testimonial Release

You need consent before sharing your client’s or customer’s glowing words of praise in your marketing and advertising – and our release template will help you get the consent you need!

Total Course Value: $700

So who exactly is Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™ for?

Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™  is for:

  • Online business owners in the service industry
  • Coaches
  • Course, membership, and digital product creators
  • Solopreneurs with no employees
  • New business owners who are 0-3 years into your business
  • U.S.-based businesses

Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business is NOT for you if:

  • You want to stick your head in the sand and ignore all the “legal stuff” until an issue arises
  • You’re looking for official course credits
  • You already have a solid legal foundation in place for your online business
  • You don’t have (or plan to have) an online business or you have a physical product business
  • You need case specific legal advice and/or to hire an attorney
  • Your business is based outside of the U.S.

I am so excited for you to dive into this content and start your online business the right way. I am passionate about making sure you are protecting your business, boundaries, and income!

Legal Basics for a Legit Online Business™

Your business basics guide to making your online business legit.

brought to you by Nicole Cheri Oden, LLC, helping you protect your online business and keep your sanity™.

The Fine Print

Please note that due to the digital nature of this mini course, we do not offer refunds. #youbuyityoukeepit

Please contact us should you have any technical difficulties.

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