You’ve invested countless hours to build your online business so that you can make a difference in the world in your own unique way.

Why would you risk NOT protecting it?!

Let’s protect your online business, income, and boundaries. ™

Legal doesn’t have to be complicated and pricey. 

What you need is easy-to-understand legal information that you can customize to fit your business. 

Hey hey! I’m Nicole.

I’m a wife, mama, attorney, and small business owner.

I help online entrepreneurs protect their businesses, income, and boundaries with my easy to use attorney-drafted legal templates.

Terms and Conditions of Use with Disclaimer

Independent Contractor Agreement

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These templates were exactly what I needed to kickstart my new website. I feel confident knowing that I have thorough and legally sound Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy for protection.


You offered exactly what we needed tailored to our business which has increased our confidence to offer services that cost more than a few hundred dollars with documents clearly spelling out the terms, responsibilities, and obligations of both the client and our business.


Nicole’s templates have been my go-to since I started selling digital products and services online. The templates are comprehensive, easy-to-customize and provide priceless peace of mind.


Nicole’s Blog…

Not sure where to start?

Snag An Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business (for a basic overview of the legal issues an entrepreneur should consider when starting an online business).



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